Rattan – An Eco-Friendly Option

Posted: October 15th, 2020

Rattan has been one of the most popular choices of furniture material for many decades in the country, and especially Melbourne, Florida. It coincides great with the coastal lifestyle that comes with Florida living. Many people associate rattan furniture with outdoor living spaces, however, over the last few decades specifically, it has gained increased popularity for indoor furniture as well. In fact, the industry has been steadily growing and is worth $4 billion dollars per year, in just the United States! As popularity has grown, so have buyers’ questions and curiosity surrounding the Eco-friendliness of the material. This question is expected by most retailers, as we live in a day and day where more and more natural resources are becoming depleted with each passing year. We respect the regard for the environment, and believe every effort is valuable in ensuring the environment is not actively damaged.

Our rattan materials are imported from Indonesia, which is one of the only places in the world that produces rattan that is certified by the “Forestry Stewardship Council” or FSC. This certification is necessary, as Indonesia has a ban on exporting raw rattan vine, set in place to encourage local manufacturing.

What is Rattan?

Sustain-ably sourced, Rattan is one of the fastest growing, renewable natural materials in the world. It is such an attractive, Eco-friendly resource because it is easier to harvest then timber, grows at a significantly faster rate than timber and is also easier to transport. It is also one of the most durable, long lasting materials on the market. There are approximately 600 species of Rattan and 13 known species. Some species even stand at 100 meters tall and can be found from sea level up to 3,000 meters. It is the Rattans outer bark this is used for ‘caning’ or the furniture production process and the inner reed-like section of the plant is used to weave wicker. Oftentimes, individuals consider Rattan and wicker to be the same product, however, wicker is actually the weaving process and not the plant or material.

Rattan Has Many Uses

Rattan is an extremely versatile material, this allowing it to have many uses. Durability and flexibility allow it to serve many purposes including but not limited to;

  • Furniture - Furniture is the main end product of rattan material.
  • Handicraft - In addition to furniture, handicrafts are probably the second highest end product of rattan, example of handicrafts are textiles, jewelry, pottery, woodcraft etc.
  • Food - Some of the rattan species are edible, the inner core as well as the shoot.
  • Shelter - In rural areas throughout the world, rattan is an approved material for house building.

Overall, rattan is a sustainable, Eco-friendly material that offers the versatility not many materials can. Adding yet another benefit on the ever-expanding list of reasons to purchase rattan furniture. Stop by our store today and check out the collection of rattan furniture and accessories at Coast Designs Florida.